Lingam massage orgasm norske pornosider

lingam massage orgasm norske pornosider

Also, alternate the shaft strokes to start from the root of the shaft all the way up to the head. It will make you more empathetic to his thoughts and feelings. Once at the head, you can either continue the straight up and down motion, or you can do the twistgoing from the root of the shaft and stopping just below the tip of the penis. When you hit the right spot, massage it by pushing in with your fingers or knuckles, then backing off and pushing in again. The bottom hand moves up and down while the top hand does a swirling/twisting action at the tip of the penis. When using just one hand, alternate between using the right hand and the left hand. Massage the area around his testicles and penis (i.e., the pubic bone in the front, the inner part of his thighs, and his perineumor taintwhich is the area between the testicles and the anus). To find the sacred spot, look for an indentation somewhere between the size of a pea and a walnut midway between the testicles and the anus. Stimulate the sacred spot externally. Videos I like, filters 720p 720p 720p 720p 720p 360p 720p 360p 360p 360p 720p 720p 720p 720p 720p 360p 720p 720p 360p 360p 360p 720p 360p 360p. Have your partner lie on his back wherever he is most comfortable. Both hands hold the penis in the same direction with the fingers pointing the same way. There is also a tremendous amount of sexual energy or chi in a mans penis.

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While you give him the massage, keep reminding him to breathe deeply, relax, and receive all the good feelings. To end the massage, you can allow him to climax with an ejaculation orgasm or move onto intercourse. Lingam massage is a practice that truly honors a man. One way to do this is through the lingam massage. Vary your stroke sequences between straight up and down and a twisting motion. Ask him how hes doing as you. Once there, you can gently caress it by moving your finger from side to side, up and down, or milking it with a come hither motion with your finger(s). When stimulated properly, it is very pleasurable for men. For men who want to use this for sacred practice for masturbation and energy cultivation, follow the same instructions yourself. Breathing is what separates Tantra from regular sex. Prostate massage can sometimes be difficult to do with fingers, which is why so many sex toy companies now sell prostate massagers that you can use when youre ready to take it to the next level. By now, he might be very worked up and might want to come. Thats whats supposed to happen. Move onto the testicles. Lubricate and massage around the penis.

lingam massage orgasm norske pornosider

in our partners body as an energetic life force. In Tantra, the penis is called the Lingam, which in Sanskrit can be translated as Wand of Light. . Start by sliding your hands up and down his thighs before getting to the good stuff. A big part of Sacred Sexuality is learning to love the penis and not be afraid. Start by inserting just the tip of one finger at first. We do it to give him pleasure. Remind him to breathe deeply. Compliment him on something you like about what youre seeing and touching. Heres how to perform a lingam penis massage on your partner. It will heighten your sexual intuitionyoull be more aware of what your partner wants without him having to ask. When you see him at that edge, pull back on what youre doing, or just slow it down and remind him to breathe and ride the wave of orgasmic feelings hes experiencing. Its OK to ask him how he likes them touched before you start, or even as you start fondling them. Variety is the key here. If hes game, youll want to loosen up his anus with massage oil.

While you give your partner the lingam massage, remember to tantra massage oslo sex meldinger breathe the. One hand holds the penis facing one way and the other hand faces the other way. In Tantra, we connect with our partner on a personal level. You can use your fingernails gently on his testicles, or pull them slightly. Youll have a deeper feeling of worship or meditation and mindfulness. He might go from being rock hard to semi-hard. His legs should be spread apart with his knees bent, so you have easy access to all parts of his genitalia. But its done best escort websites escort piger with more nesoddtangen ung kvinne som søker etter kvinne thoughtfulness, respect, care, and desire to bring selfless pleasure to your partner. Be careful to go slowly and let him guide you in terms of pressure. Learning how to stimulate and circulate it is very powerful. Just taking a few breaths at the same time will put you both at ease and match your bio-rhythms. He might like a pillow under his head and/or under his hips. If your man isnt experienced with prostate tantra massage oslo sex meldinger massage, start externally. Ask if hes ready for more.