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Erin (2014) Forms of corporate ownership and radical boundary spanning of multinational corporations: A multilevel study of the petroleum industry Bavougian, Christina M (2014) Groundcovers and mulches for sustainable vineyard floor management Baxter, Kara Leigh (2014) On This Journey: Suite for Big Band and Five. An Improved Platform for Human Serine Racemase Expression and Characterization. Braaten, Daniel B (2012) Human rights and.S. Extraction of Raw and Cooked Pinto Beans Using Response Surface Methodology to Recover Total Flavonoids and Condensed Tannins to Inhibit Alpha Amylase and Alpha Glucosidase Alone or Combined with Acarbose. Vazquez, Maria Garcia (2017) Exploring the Path of Latina Community College Presidents Navigating the Labyrinth Venegas, Jorge Patricio (2017) Development of biofortified winter wheat by incorporating low phytate and high grain protein traits Viglucci, Richard (2017) A Comparative Study of Nineteenth-Century Works for Clarinet Based. Social Interaction Barriers and Mental Health Among Older Adults with Physical Disabilities Arellano, Amy (2018) Conceal and Carry: Communicating About Trauma, Triggers, and Second Assaults in the Classroom Arntzen, Elysia Ann (2018) The Cask of Amontillado Arthur, Ann M (2018) Enhancing Ability Estimation with Test-taking. Sofi, Fayaz Ahmad (2017) Structural System-Based Evaluation of Steel Girder Highway Bridges and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Implementation for Bridge Asset Management Stafstrom, Jay A (2017) Sensory Ecology of the Net-Casting Spider, Deinopis spinosa Suh, Emily KyungJin (2017) "Off From Lost Generation 1 Learners' Transition. A look at verbal and nonverbal factors affecting perceptions of apologies in a medical malpractice case Turner, April D (2012) The impact of parent involvement on student academic engagement Tuttle, Heath V (2012) The lived experiences of faculty who use instructional technology: A phenomenological study. Evaluating 21st Century Climate Change for Bolivia: A Comprehensive Dynamical Downscaling Strategy Using the WRF Regional Climate Model. Identification of a Possible Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor in Dictyostelium discoideum Nichols, Zantel D (2017) Communicating Resiliency Among Leaders in Nonprofit Grassroots Human Service Organizations Niu, Wenkai (2017) Development and Applications of Geometrically Nonlinear Piezoelectric Shell Elements Nordman, Troy Douglas (2017) The Road Taken that Has. Synthesis of Biosynthetic Intermediates. Jared (2015) The promise of worker training: New insights into the effects of government funded training programs McFee, Renee M (2015) The role of vascular endothelial growth factor isoforms in dominant follicle development: Evaluation of case-studies versus laboratory exercises in a veterinary physiology course McNeil. Rural Public Schools Vargas Jurado, Napoleon (2018) Linear Unmixing Models: Extensions and Applications to the Estimation of Dietary (Botanical) Mixing Proportions Varsani, Suresh S (2018) Physiological and Molecular Insights into Maize Responses to Phloem Sap-sucking Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Venkateswaran, Kavitha Dharmalingam (2018) Social. Children and Adolescents, Aged 6-19 Ma, Tao (2012) An ultra-low power communication protocol for a self-powered wireless sensor based animal monitoring system McCrory, Bernadette Janae (2012) Improving health care quality and safety: The development and assessment of laparoscopic surgery instrumentation, practices and procedures McEntarffer, Robert.

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Faltin (2015) The development of language teaching beliefs: From theory to practice Oser, Haley Heather (2015) Producing quality barley for the malting industry Ou, Gengxin (2015) Modeling surface water and groundwater interactions in agricultural areas Padilla, Kevin Begcy (2015) Early seed development responses in cereals. W (2017) You're Getting It! Dukic, Jelena (2016) An introduction to Serbian piano music: Musical and cultural influences on three selected composers Edholm, Christina J (2016) Management of invasive species using optimal control theory Egg, Rebecca (2016) Cohen-Macaulay dimension for coherent rings Elowsky, Christian G (2016) Distinguishing calliphorid puparia through. Ferraro, Luigi (2017) Stable Cohomology of Local Rings and Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity of Graded Modules Florez-Cuadros, Melina (2017) Effects of temperature and diet in stable fly (Diptera: Muscidae) development Foreman, Keith (2017) The Organic Ferroelectric Vinylidene Fluoride Oligomer: Vacuum Deposition, Properties, and Interfaces Fox, Jill. Ociative Codes of Subjectivity: Architecture and the Technologies of Life-Image Baral, Darshan (2018) Investigating Non-Point Sources of Nitrate, Microbes, and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Two Urban Nebraska Watersheds Basavalingappa, Rakesh Halekote (2018) Autoimmune Mechanisms in Viral Myocarditis Basnet, Sanjay (2018) RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing in Bed.

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Stange, Mathew (2014) Tailoring general population surveys to address participation and measurement challenges of surveying lesbian, gay, and bisexual people Staples-Farmer, Sarah Clarke (2014) Racking up cultural capital and eliminating labels: The culture of teaching and learning in the juvenile justice system Starks-Yoble, Ginger (2014). Versus Chinese fashion magazine advertisements Fowler, Matthew (2012) Developing a template for electronic portfolios in career and technical education Frenzel, Martin J (2012) Frequentist approaches to overdispersed repeated measures count data Frese, Steven A (2012) The evolution of host specificity in the vertebrate gut symbiont. Unpacking the Relations Between Body Image, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Mental Health Goodrich, Stephanie (2018) Comprehensive Transition Programs for Young Adults vip escort europe prostituerte i trondheim with Intellectual Disabilities Gosselin, David.N (2018) A Quest for Sustainable Water: A Study to Understand Namibia's Water Governance Grady, George D (2018). Oz, Montessa M (2018) Addressing the Opportunity Gap through School Community Collaboration on Student Attendance: A Qualitative Case Study Murphy, Cameron C (2018) Isolated Polyphenols and Farnesol, Stable in Culture Medium, Function Synergistically in a Hormesial Manner to Modulate LPS-stimulated Raw 264.7 Macrophage Polarization toward. Mechanisms underlying behavior during food competition Osborn, Sarah. Literature, Peev, Darin Ivanov (2018) Anisotropic Contrast Optical Microscope Peragaswaththe Liyanage, Janaka. Christopher (2015) Re(public)an reasons: Toward a republican theory of legitimacy and justification McCormick, Carina (2015) Beyond passing rates: A closer examination of Advanced Placement exam access and success nationally and in urban and rural schools McDonald, Damon (2015) One-to-one laptop initiative: Perceptions of teachers and. 283 (Sinfonietta for strings) by Mario Alfaguell: A performance edition Barrett, Scott Taylor (2014) A quantitative analysis of the value-enhancing effects of nicotine, bupropion, and varenicline in male and female rats Bartels, Melissa Sue (2014) Population dynamics of Triticum mosaic virus in various host species. Bryan (2015) Strategic indicators at Assemblies of God colleges Davis, Chelsi Klentz (2015) An evaluation of the impact of a couples enrichment norske escorter escorte service program on relationship satisfaction, communication, conflict resolution, and forgiveness DeLeon, Jennifer G (2015) Exploring the Developmental Niche of Internationally Mobile Families: A Mixed. A (2016) Evaluating mechanical and visco-elastic properties of self-consolidating concrete for cast-in-place bridges Bandillo, Nonoy B (2016) Distribution of genomic variation in the usda Soybean Germplasm Collection and relationship with phenotypic variation Baquerizo-Birth, Marisol (2016) Exploring teachers' perspectives on the impact of out-of-school science-based programs. As-Racionero, Maria Rosa (2018) A Multifactorial Model of Threat Assessment Activity Applied to Educational Settings Vo, Tina (2018) Using Scientific Models to Support Elementary Science Teaching Learning about Water Walker, Curtis Louis (2018) Road Weather Impact Based Decision Support Applications: Developing a Department of Transportation. Ullah, Muhammad Irfan (2012) Investigations on rangeland grasshoppers: Ecoregion level distribution, identification, feeding performance, and vegetation clipping Unzicker, Troy L (2012) A study of the job satisfaction of Nebraska school superintendents Varguez, Ricardo (2012) Exploring Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (tpack) in an Online Course. Felice (2012) The recovery of cognitive and social cognitive functioning in response to social cognition interaction training administered in community settings: A longitudinal study Reissenweber, Beth (2012) Financial indicators in strategic decision making: Recommended practices for financial officers at small private colleges and universities.

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Goar, Julia (2016) A Caputo boundary value problem in Nabla fractional calculus Stolle, Cale J (2016) Design and evaluation of scalable pediatric gait rehabilitation robots Stover, Lina Traslavina (2016) Latino/a students maneuvering through the college admissions and retention systems Strauss, Paul (2016) Preaching. New Methodology for Singlet Oxygen Generation from 1,1-Dihydroperoxides Derivatives Hartman, Sara Lohrman (2012) A year in the life: Academic coaching and the role of collaboration in a rural Ohio school Harvey, Simon Kwadzogah (2012) Essays in inflation and monetary dynamics in developing countries Hastings, Lindsay. Dissertations Theses from 2019, franz, Molly Reis (2019 pTSD and Dysfunctional Parenting: Emotional and Biological Mechanisms. Burdette (2017) Spatial Irrigation Management Using Remote Sensing Water Balance Modeling and Soil Water Content Monitoring Beal, Kaylene (2017) Original Works Featuring Horn by Elizabeth Raum: A Performer's Guide Beare, Zachary Charles (2017) Apologies for cross-posting: Composing disciplinary affects and conflicts on the WPA Listserv. Compliance and Voluntary Green Power Markets Bloch, Talea CMS (2014) The Best Show in Town: A Study of Friend, Nebraska and Fairfield, Nebraska Opera Houses Bly, Brigitta (2014) Matrix and food processing induced changes in the accuracy of different commercial milk elisa kits Borman, Christopher. Alkheraif, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz A (2018 type 2 Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Npro Suppresses Type I Inteferon Pathway Signaling in Bovine Cells and Augments Bovine Respiratory Syncytal Virus Replication. Lincoln Hanks' "Monstre Sacre" and Lowell Liebermann's "Gargoyles" Downing, Jamie L (2017) "Whatever We May Be We May Be, But Jews Are What We Are Jewish Rhetoric and the Construction of Great Plains and Upper Midwestern Jewish Communities Downing, Julie (2017) Perspectives on Structured Professional. The effect of two types of interviewer experience on "don't know" responses in calendar and standardized interviews Bohl, Christopher R (2011) The role of human Ubc9 during the human immunodeficiency virus replication cycle Bonifaz-Alfonzo, Roberto (2011) Assessing seasonal features of tropical forests using remote sensing. Wilkins Freeman, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Willa Cather, and Angelina Weld Grimke Perez-Hernandez, Oscar (2013) Multifactorial analysis of mortality of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines Ichinohe) populations in soybean and in soybean fields annually rotated to corn in Nebraska Perez-Munoz, Maria Elisa (2013) Characterization of the gut. The role of desire within the development of compulsive purchasing Rapp, Ryan E (2012) Integrated management of common reed along the Platte River in Nebraska: Control, timing, water use, and economic analysis Ray, Thomas P (2012) The Philosopher's Stone: How basic skills programs fare. Li, Ruopu (2012) Groundwater pollution risk assessment under scenarios of climate and land use change in the northern Great Plains Liu, Heng-Hsian Nancy (2012) Policy and practice: An analysis of the implementation of supported employment in Nebraska Liu, Jinjin (2012) Interaction of Transcranial Ultrasound with. Women, Mobility, Progress, and Activism Xiao, Zhiyong (2017) Scanning Probe Microscopy and Electrical Transport Studies of Ferroelectric Thin Films and 2D van der Waals Materials Xie, Wanchuan (2017) Design and Validation of an In Vivo Long-Term Attachment Capsule Robot Yalaka, Bharathi (2017) Cytoplasmic Proteins. Ola: El caso de Galdos y los "Episodios Nacionales" Jaimes-Correa, Juan C (2017) Emerging Contaminants Occurrence and Streamflow Responses to Extreme Climate Conditions in an Agricultural Watershed Jakopovic, Paula M (2017) Understanding What Makes for Productive Coaching Moves to Help Teachers Attend to Mathematical Tasks.